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武汉学生茶vx:Davis: The foul affects my aggressiveness,The opponent likes to make offensive fouls

Davis: The foul affects my aggressiveness,The opponent likes to make offensive fouls

On October 5th, the third game of the NBA Finals ended today.The Lakers lost to the Heat 104-115,The big score was tied to 2-1.After the game,Lakers forward Anthony Davis was interviewed.

Speaking of the foul crisis encountered in this field,Davis said:“This affects me.Two early,He received a third foul after playing.So this made me lose my usual aggressiveness on both offense and defense.And opposing players like to make offensive fouls.This deprived me of a bit of aggression.Still need to play better,Still need to try to influence the game on both offense and defense.But this question did get me out of the field,It also added too much pressure to other teammates.”

“I just need to play better on both ends of the floor,”Davis said,“Avoid foul trouble,Bring energy to the team——The team relies on me to bring vitality in the opening phase,When you commit two crimes early,Teammates have to play early and so on.So I must do better.”

“We will be fine,”Davis said,“We made a shot.No defense all night.They made a key shot,Fought a few beautiful rounds.”

“This is a loss.We still lead the series.You know,I said,We never want to be too arrogant,Don’t want to be too low.We will review the video,Check the room for improvement on both offense and defense,Look at the parts that need improvement,And played a much better performance in G4 than tonight.”Davis said.

this match,Davis played 33 minutes,Scored 15 points, 5 pulls, 3 assists and 2 steals on 6 of 9 shots.

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