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武汉喝茶群:Lillard and McCollum continuously tweeted on the Clippers,Nurkic joins the battle

Lillard and McCollum continuously tweeted on the Clippers,Nurkic joins the battle

September 16th In the Western Conference semifinals tiebreaker that ended today,The Nuggets beat the Clippers 104-89,The series scored 4-3 to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

After the game,Trailblazer players Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum continuously tweeted and commented on the performance of the Clippers, Patrick Beverley, Paul George and other players.

The American media Bleacher Report intercepted Lillard and McCollum’s tweets and wrote:“Damian and CJ did not back down.”

Subsequently,Trailblazer player Yusuf Nurkic retweeted this tweet.

In the qualifying game where the Clippers defeated the Trail Blazers 122-117 on August 9,Blazers guard Damian Lillard missed two free throws at the critical moment.The Clippers bench Patrick Beverley and other players made a celebration.After the game, Lillard fought back saying that it was because Beverly and George were sent home by his own lore.Their performance shows that they were deeply injured.Beverly commented on related reports on Instagram“There are three games to go to Cancun (Mexico resort)”,Ironically, the Trail Blazers are about to miss the playoffs.

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