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武汉喝茶的地方推荐:Official Shanghai Men’s Basketball: Cai Liang, Meng Lingyuan, Tang Zihao leave the team

Official Shanghai Men’s Basketball: Cai Liang, Meng Lingyuan, Tang Zihao leave the team

September 11th today,The official announcement of the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team,Cai Liang, Meng Lingyuan and Tang Zihao left the team.

Original announcement:“We will gather together for a long time,A bright future and a long-lasting friendship!

time,Friendship,Farewell to our former teammates!

 Leaving may not be a pity,It can also be the beginning of a new journey in life.

Golden Autumn September,The Shanghai Jiushi Men’s Basketball Team will have three teammates leaving the team.Farewell to our former teammates!

good luck——Cai Liang

September 9, 2020NBL Anhui Wenyi Club officially announced,Formally signed the former Shanghai team heroic forward Cai Liang.Height 2.The 03-meter Cai Liang has 2.10 meters long arm span,So there was“Spiderman”Nickname.Cai Liang joined the Shanghai Youth Team in 2003.Entered the first team in 2007,Since then began 13 seasons of CBA career.January 29, 2016Cai Liang scored 23 points against Jiangsu Tongxi,Set his highest score in a single game in his CBA career.In the 2018-2019 season,As the starting striker of the Shanghai team,Cai Liang can contribute an average of 9.7 points and 4.1 rebound,Both figures are the highest in a career.I wish Cai Liang can win the championship trophy for his hometown team Anhui Wenyi,May you return as a teenager.

Have good luck,More smooth sailing,Good luck Cai Liang!

Goodbye——Meng Lingyuan

In September this year,Shanghai Jiushi male basketball player Meng Lingyuan announced his official retirement.He is superior in defense,In the 2010 season,In the away game between Shanghai and Beijing,For the first time in his career, Meng Lingyuan became a starting player when the coach had a choice.Although this game only scored 7 points,But he contributed 8 rebounds, the second highest in his career,Plus 4 assists,And not a single mistake.After this game is over,Meng Lingyuan can be said to be famous in the first world war.In the 2011-2012 season, Meng LingyuanAfter the breakthrough, using the body to crush the layup is impressive,So got——The name of the earthmoving truck,Called a defensive champion,Breakthrough sharp.

Powerful,Even more prosperous,Goodbye Meng Lingyuan!

Come on——Tang Zihao

The Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team selected Tang Zihao with the ninth overall pick in the first round of the 2016 CBA Draft.
Played for the Shanghai team for 4 seasons.He is an excellent combo guard,Has excellent physical confrontation and jumping ability.December 19, 2016In the away game between Shanghai and Shanxi,Tang Zihao played for the Shanghai team for 13 minutes,Scored 7 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists,Completed his CBA debut in his career.In the 2016-2017 season,He represented the Shanghai team in 15 games,Played every game 2.3 minutes,Average 1 point per game.He will leave the big shark,Go to a new place to continue your dream.

Have dreams,More peace and constant companionship,Come on, Tang Zihao!

Shanghai Jiushi Sharks Basketball Club wishes three players,The road ahead is bright,The friendship lasts forever!

This place is different,Lone Peng Wanli Sign.

Floating in the clouds,The setting sun is old-fashioned.

I waved away,Xiao Xiaoban Ma Ming.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)