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武汉喝茶外卖上门:Nong Mei Tan wearing a Kobe GOAT T-shirt: not only for the team but also for him

Nong Mei Tan wearing a Kobe “GOAT” T-shirt: not only for the team but also for him

September 11th In the second round of the NBA playoffs that ended today,The Lakers finally defeated the Rockets 110-100,A big score to get a 3-1 lead.

After the game,The Lakers forward Anthony Davis, who scored 29 points and 12 rebounds, was interviewed by media reporters.It’s worth mentioning that he wore a piece with Kobe printed on it“GOAT”T-shirt.

When talking about Kobe’s influence on himself,Davis said:“I think it’s not just me but our whole team that misses him all the time,We called Mamba when we made a three-pointer,Call Mamba at every timeout, every time you take your shoulders and breathe.We know he is with us,We know that we are not only fighting for the team but also for him.”

“So this is something that has always been in our minds,The players also have their own ceremonial things to commemorate him.Yes,I have been missing him,Whether on or off the court.But I just think this T-shirt is so cool.Is the theme passed to us by the team,There is also another way to commemorate him.”Davis said.

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