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武汉学生茶vx:Russian experts in testing new nuclear submarines: creating asymmetrical combat methods

Russian experts in testing new nuclear submarines: creating asymmetrical combat methods
俄罗斯战略核潜艇。来源:中国军网Russian strategic nuclear submarine.Source: China Military Network

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, August 10 (Huang Zijuan, Mo Shiwei) According to a report from Russian Satellite Network on August 1,The Russian Ministry of Defense announced,Began testing the “Belgorod” nuclear submarine,It will be the first carrier equipped with a nuclear-powered “Poseidon” unmanned submarine.The relevant data shows thatThe power of the “Poseidon” warhead is equivalent to two million tons of TNT.This special ammunition is sufficient to destroy large coastal cities,Naval base and caused a nuclear tsunami.

How to view the role of unmanned submarines?How is it different from traditional submarine weapons?Once the “Belgorod” is officially in service,What strategic role will it play?The emergence of this type of submarine,Will it reshuffle the development of Russian naval weapons and equipment?Regarding the issue above,People’s Daily Online interviewed military expert Yin Zhuo,he thinks,The development of this type of submarine helps Russia cultivate strategic asymmetric advantages.

Strategic asymmetric advantage

Yin Zhuo thinks,Russia wants to develop unmanned submersibles,Deal with the US Navy with an asymmetric strategy.on the one hand,The U.S. Navy has 11 supercarrier formations,”This is impossible for any country in the world to catch up”,on the other hand,Russia’s technology for building large surface ships has been lost,Moreover, Russia cannot support such a large ocean-going naval fleet.

In view of this situation,Russia takes advantage of technology,Let nuclear submarines carry unmanned submarines.Since the submarine is nuclear-powered,So its range is theoretically unlimited,Able to move freely in the entire ocean,Become a strategic force.About a submarine,Can control a large area,May prevent the US aircraft carrier formation from entering,So as to gain an advantage in controlling the ocean.

According to reports,A submarine can carry 2-6 unmanned submarines.”Poseidon” unmanned submarine can carry ordinary warheads,It can also carry nuclear bombs or thermonuclear warheads.Analysis,It is powerful enough to blow the naval base into dust,Or through “artificial tsunami”,Flooded coastal cities.

Yin Zhuo thinks,The unmanned submarine is always equipped with nuclear weapons,If you carry a nuclear warhead,It can cause devastating blows to coastal infrastructure and large ports.Simultaneously,This submarine is very fast,It is quite difficult for the United States to defend.therefore,Russia uses an asymmetric approach,Obtain a strategic advantage.

Unmanned submarine still has limitations

Foreign media reported thatThe “Poseidon” unmanned submarine has a speed and depth that ordinary submarines can’t match.It can reach the target point along the best route alone,And the voyage is unlimited.For NATO submarine interception system,”Poseidon” is an extremely complex goal.Does this mean it will have no opponents?In other words,Are there limitations to unmanned submarines?

Yin Zhuo thinks,This weapon has limitations.First of all,The unmanned submarine is carried by a nuclear submarine,The nuclear submarine can be tracked.In addition,Signal reception is also a problem.The unmanned submarine can be controlled by a program entered in advance,It can also receive satellite signals,Temporarily change the goal.But to receive the signal,It must float,So it is easy to expose the target.

The strengthening of the rules of war,Not a disruptor

At the beginning of July 2020,The US President’s Special Envoy for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley said,The “Poseidon” and “Haiyan” nuclear-powered cruise missiles are “horrible weapons.”In view of the powerful combat capability of this nuclear submarine,There are comments on the Internet thatThe aircraft carrier era is over,This nuclear submarine will become a new generation of naval weapon,Or can replace the aircraft carrier.

Yin Zhuo thinks,The nuclear-powered unmanned submarine did not subvert the real rules of war.It just strengthens the ability of one party,Hedging and eliminating the advantage of the other party.In addition,The nuclear submarine cannot replace some of the functions of the aircraft carrier formation.For example, covering large-scale amphibious landing operations, tactical strikes against deep land targets, etc.therefore,This nuclear submarine does not have the comprehensive control and combat capabilities of an aircraft carrier formation.

“Aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are not a superseding relationship.It is a strengthened relationship.”Yin Zhuo said,In tightly guarded waters,The aircraft carrier formation can provide cover for nuclear-powered submarines carrying unmanned submarines,The two sides are working together,Instead of replacing each other.