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武汉喝茶群:Russian Aerospace Forces purchase the latest missiles heavily

Russian Aerospace Forces purchase the latest missiles heavily

R-77 active radar guided omnidirectional all-weather mid-range air-to-air missile.Source: World Wide Web

The Russian “Izvestia” website reported thatAccording to sources in the Russian military industry,The Russian Ministry of Defense has purchased the latest R-77-1 medium-range air-to-air missiles for its fighters.The order amount is as high as 65 billion rubles.Why did Russia sign orders for high-priced new missiles?What are the considerations for Russia to speed up the upgrading of strategic missiles?

High-priced orders,Solving the urgent need for air-to-air missiles

R-77,Russian plan name RVV-AE,Russia began research in the early 1980s,It was finalized in 1994.R-77 has the ability to ignore after launch, powerful maneuverability and can deal with low-altitude aircraft.

The order received by the tactical missile equipment company set a record.It means that the R-27 air-to-air missile of the Russian Air Force will completely withdraw from the stage of history.R-77-1 uses a new type of rocket engine,The total weight is 15 kg more than R-77,Up to 190 kg,Length from 3.6 meters increased to 3.71 meters,The maximum range has been increased from 80 kilometers to 110 kilometers.R-77-1 canceled the bulge at the root of the R-77 grid tail,This is also an identifying feature of the bomb.

R-77-1’s new guiding head 9B-1103M-200 has more operating modes,Equipped with a digital communication bus and upgraded software,The target detection range is up to 25 kilometers,Its computing speed has increased to more than 5 per second,10 million times,Programmable read-only memory.

R-77-1 replaces the traditional mechanical gyroscope with a fiber optic gyroscope,Reduce the warm-up time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds,The length of the gyroscope is reduced to 40 cm,The weight is reduced to 10 kg. R-77-1 is not only for the most advanced fighter aircraft,It is also useful in the 4++ generation fighters,For example, the upgraded MiG-31BM heavy interceptor,And the Su-34 fighter-bomber.

After the Russian fighters were equipped with new missiles,The carrier can transmit the target coordinates to R-77-1,After launch, the bomb can fly to the set point by itself,It can reliably lock the target even under strong electromagnetic interference,And continue to fly according to the corrected data received by the anti-jamming data link.According to the feat test pilot Igor Malikov who has won the title of Hero of Russia,The missile can track the target by itself after launch,And will turn on its own radar about 30 kilometers before the target,After locking the target, determine which direction to attack from,The accuracy of the strike has been greatly improved.

Basically,R-77-1 is an advanced medium-range missile equivalent to American AIM-120C5 in technical and tactical performance.It will greatly enhance the beyond-horizon air combat capability of Russian fighters.It can destroy targets within 110 kilometers,Whether fighter planes, helicopters or cruise missiles,Including new equipment using stealth technology.

Update,Speed up the development and installation of new missiles

Russia is carrying out an important modernization plan,Production of new ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with major new functions,Plans include: RS-28 Sarmat, “Iskander” missile system and Kh-47M2 series.Russia has also made significant progress in the field of precision guided cruise missiles.Putin said in his State of the Union address: “No missile system will cause trouble for Russia’s missile power.”

The RS-28 Sarmat is a new silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile being developed by Russia.It started research and development in 2009,This new type of missile is called SS-X-30 or Satan2 in the far,The Russian Ministry of Defense ordered 50 such missiles.Once put into use,The RS-28 Sarmat will become one of the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world.

The missile is equipped with a liquid rocket engine,Use storable propellant,The missile is stored in a tubular storage/launch container.After launch,The missile fired from the container.The RS-28 has a range of at least 11,000 kilometers,If you reduce the payload,The range of this missile may be longer.RS-28 Sarmat can take a variety of trajectories in the North or South Pole,In order to achieve the effect of deterring the United States.

The “Iskander” missile system is a tactical ballistic missile system.It is the most destructive in Russia’s arsenal,One of the most accurate weapons.”Iskander” is named after Alexander the Great of Macedonia in Persian,It is intended to show its outstanding performance.The missile was manufactured by the Federal State Unified Enterprise Machinery Manufacturing Design Bureau for the Russian ground forces.Designed to destroy important targets such as enemy weapons, command posts, communication nodes, and tactical aircraft parked at airports.

March 1, 2018Russian President Vladimir Putin used the Kh-47M2 as one of Russia’s six new strategic weapons for the first time.Kh-47M2,Also nicknamed “Dagger” (Dagger),It is a new type of Russian air-launched ballistic missile.Since 2017,The missile has been tested and evaluated by the Russian military.The missile made its first public appearance in 2018.”Kinzar” is similar to the air-launched version of the Iskander short-range ballistic missile.Its role is to suppress hostile defenses and engage important targets,You can also engage enemy warships,For example, aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers.

The “Kinzal” missile is carried and launched by the MiG-31K long-range multi-role fighter.The missile is designed to target US and NATO warships that pose a threat to some of Russia’s European strategic missile systems.And destroy NATO missile defense systems and ballistic missile defense ships,And land objects close to the Russian border.Allegedly,It aims to overcome any known or planned air defense or missile defense system in the United States,Including MIM-104 Patriot, terminal high-altitude area defense and “Aegis” combat system.

What is intended,What are the considerations for installing new missiles

It is reported that,The reason why the Russian Aerospace Forces urgently upgrade R-27 air-to-air missiles,Mainly because this missile has been tested in the Middle East.However, the effect has disappointed the Russian Air Force.Because this kind of missile can only hit large moving and directional targets,Even in terms of accuracy, it is somewhat lacking,More importantly, when the Su-35 carries the R27 missile on mission,There was a problem that the missile could not hit the enemy’s target,This makes Russia have to urgently upgrade the missile.

In addition,Russian fighters are now equipped with modern digital instruments,And R-27 is still in the stage of digital analog device,The performance of the new fighter is not on the same platform,If the new fighter is also equipped with old missiles,The advanced performance of the new fighter cannot be fully utilized.The design concept of the new missile is to automatically track the target,The pilot found the target,launch missile,This way the pilot can divert his attention to another target.But in the past, the radar of its own fighter aircraft was required to provide long-term target illumination.Because the past R-27 air-to-air missiles tracked radar waves reflected by the target.

it’s easy to see,Russia’s unprecedented huge contract,Not only solves the problem of the lack of new Russian air-to-air missiles,Moreover, all advanced fighters of the Russian Air Force can be equipped with the most advanced missiles corresponding to them.It can be said to be even more powerful,Like a good bow with a sharp arrow,This allows the performance and potential of advanced fighters to burst out,Create a strong shield for the Russian airspace.Sufficient reserves of advanced missiles are improving Russia’s air defense capabilities,It also boosted the pilot’s confidence,It gives the pilots the courage and courage to use this weapon well.

In terms of increasing deterrence against potential opponents,These large numbers of new missiles also played an extremely important role.Unlike the old R-27 missile,The new missile R-77-1 can track the target by itself after launch,Determine for yourself which direction to attack,This automatic control capability allows the pilot to focus on the enemy fighter plane after launching the missile.This greatly improves the efficiency of man-machine coordination of Russian fighters,This performance is on par with similar American missiles.This invisibly put a lot of pressure on the United States.

Through this huge purchase,The Russian Aerospace Force has received sufficient hardware support,The missile’s strike accuracy, operability, and deterrence are enhanced,The overall combat level of the air force will be greatly improved.Although a lot of money was spent on purchasing new missiles,But these missiles are maintaining Russia’s national security,Fight for air supremacy,Safeguard overseas interests,The role of enhancing strategic deterrence is considerable.(He Tianyu, Dang Xinlong, Zhang Xingchuan, Wen Jiaxiang, Yan Zhiwei)