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武汉学生茶:Russia’s fifth-generation fighter will wear a cloak of stealth

Russia’s fifth-generation fighter will wear a “cloak of stealth”
Original title: Russia’s fifth-generation fighter will wear a “cloak of stealth”

According to the Russian “Izvestia” report,The fifth-generation fighter Su-57 of the Russian Aerospace Forces will wear a “cloak of stealth.”This “stealth coat” not only protects the aircraft fuselage and complex electronic equipment from adverse weather,It can also prevent the aircraft from being detected by enemy aviation photoelectric systems and radar when parked on the ground.

According to sources from the Russian Ministry of Defense and military industry,The “stealth coat” developed for the Su-57 fighter will be supplied to the military in 2021.Each Su-57 will get a set of “invisibility coat”,Used to cover the landing gear, fuselage, main wing, nacelle, tail nozzle, vertical tail, air intake and other components.According to the contract terms signed between the Ministry of National Defense and the manufacturing company,All supply will be completed in 2028,Among them, 8 sets will be produced from 2021 to 2022,The number will gradually increase in the future.

It is understood thatThis “stealth coat” has a double protective effect on the Su-57 fighter.

on the one hand,It can protect the coating and fuselage electronics of the Su-57 fighter for a long time.Once the special radar stealth coating of the stealth fighter is damaged,Need to spend a lot of money to repair.Simultaneously,The Su-57 fighter is the first fighter to use “smart body” technology.Unlike traditional radars where the radar antenna is fixed on the nose,The active phased array radar antennas of different bands of the Su-57 fighter are distributed throughout the fuselage.Because of this,Its electronic equipment needs more protection.

on the other hand,It can help the Su-57 fighter to avoid detection by foreign intelligence agencies.Former Russian Air Force and Air Defense Force Fourth Army Commander Valery Gorbianko said: “Under modern conditions,Few weapons and equipment can avoid various reconnaissance systems,Unless buried underground,But after using the ‘invisibility cloak’,Where the fighter plane stopped,How manyFrom where to where,All these enemies will know nothing.”Lieutenant General Gorbenko also emphasized,Bad weather will also affect the fighters,For example, rain and snow will damage the lifespan of fighters.The sandstorm will wear off the coating of the fighter like sandpaper, etc.Put on the’cloak of invisibility’,Fighters will no longer be afraid of bad weather.

Colonel Igor Malikov, a Russian meritorious test pilot, said,To prevent being discovered,Su-57 fighters are usually parked in hangars or simple hangars.With the “cloak of invisibility”,Su-57 fighters can be directly deployed in open areas,This will greatly enhance the deployment capabilities of the air and space forces.If necessary,The Su-57 fighter can be quickly transferred to a temporary airport,Including locations not equipped with simple hangars.Malikov revealed: “Russian fighters need to perform missions around the world.If for some reason we cannot provide a hangar for the fighter aircraft,A reliable “stealth coat” must be needed to protect the fighter.Compared with the value of the fighter,The cost of ‘invisibility cloak’ is very low.”(Liu Yupeng)