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武汉喝茶的地方推荐:Official: Radonic officially joins Qingdao Huanghai Football Club

Official: Radonic officially joins Qingdao Huanghai Football Club

On September 11, the Chinese Super League Qingdao Huanghai officially announced thatForeign aid striker Radonic officially joined the team.

The official announcement is as follows:

Dejan Radonic has dual citizenship of Croatia and Germany,From the Bayern Youth Training,On the field as a forward.He has played for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, Russian Soviet Wings and other European league teams.

Radonic is tall,Have a good sense of smell in front of the door,Good at timing of shooting,He played 121 times in the Croatian League and scored 39 goals and 13 assists.Scored 4 goals in 27 appearances in the Russian Premier League.

Hope De Young·The joining of Radonic,Can enhance the team’s forward attack power,Help the club achieve excellent results in the Chinese Super League.

(Edit: Yao Fan)