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武汉喝茶服务:Official: Naples President De Laurentiis tests positive for new crown

Official: Naples President De Laurentiis tests positive for new crown

On September 10, Naples officially announced thatTeam President De Laurentiis tested positive for the new crown virus,He did the test yesterday.

“Republic” reported earlier,In yesterday’s Serie A meeting,One representative of the 20 team presidents and managers present was confirmed as positive for the new crown.(Now confirmed as the chairman of Naples de Laurentiis)

And to make matters worse,The representative did not wear a mask correctly at all times in the venue.This was originally the first high-level meeting of the Serie A league recently.Representatives of 20 Serie A teams attended the scene,At present, these 20 representatives will be quarantined as close contacts.

De Laurentiis has had mild flu symptoms in recent days,But he mistakenly thought that he had indigestion after eating oysters.Still went to the meeting place as planned.He had already performed a nucleic acid test when he attended the meeting but had not yet got the result.When asked about flu symptoms,He told everyone“Caused by eating oysters”,At eight that night,De Laurentiis received the test results,Positive.


(Edit: Yao Fan)