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武汉学生茶vx:Edu: Arsenal has a clear transfer plan,We will make the right decision

Edu: Arsenal has a clear transfer plan,We will make the right decision

September 11th Arsenal’s technical director Edu was interviewed by the media before.He said in an interview,Arsenal has a clear plan for transfer signings.Edu said he is the main person in charge of the club’s transfer signings.At last,Edu also said,Many clubs are discussing the issue of player conversion with Arsenal.But the team will stay patient now,The right decision will be made afterwards.

Edu mentioned:“My thoughts are very clear,I really want to work with young players,I hope to maintain a better relationship with the other staff of the club,I don’t want to go alone,What I need is a team.”

“Of course,This team does not need too many people,And everyone in the team needs to take on more responsibilities.”

“This is my current thinking,From my perspective,During this process,Everyone needs to have clear goals,And be able to make the right choice at the right time.”


This summer’s transfer window is the first transfer window Edu has experienced after coming to Arsenal.He previously introduced William and Gabriel to the club,And renewed the lease of Ceballos,Also bought out Mali and the same time,There is also news that Arsenal are interested in signing Atletico midfielder Thomas and Lyon star Avar.In this regard,Edu said:“I think the current transfer market is very challenging for any club.Every club is waiting.”

“Every club is negotiating,Many teams are signing,Many teams are discussing the issue of loaning players.”

“Arsenal will only consider the kind of contract that can be completed with confidence.Many clubs are talking to us about player loan issues,But many clubs don’t really want to make a deal with us.”

“I think,The most important thing for us now is to have a clear plan,For the players we want to stay,Players who want to rent,And the players you want to sell,We all have a clear plan.”

“And after having a plan,What we have to do now is to wait patiently,To see what happens in the transfer market,We need to wait for a while,Then make the right decision.”

In recent weeks,Edu’s role in Arsenal has gradually become more influential,Following Sanley’s previous departure,Edu currently needs to assume greater responsibility for Arsenal’s signings and transfers.In this regard,Edu said:“We need to express our thoughts clearly.What I want to say is,I hope I can get in touch with all the club-related matters related to transfer signings.”

“I hope that when operating in the transfer market,I was the first person to negotiate with other clubs on behalf of the club,Of course,Many people are involved in a transfer,But what I want to say is,I should be the main person in charge.”

“I must make it clear,Because many people don’t know what Arsenal’s mode of operation is like.”

Arsenal’s new chief executive, Vinai Venkatesham, previously stated in an interview:“I saw the comments about Arsenal from the outside world,Some people think that Arsenal will trade with a fixed broker,And will sign the players of those agents.”

“But I want to clarify,That is, Arsenal will not select players based on the identity of the agent.”

“Arsenal will sign in according to the needs of the team,We have to reinforce weak positions,Looking for great players,And some ideas from the outside world are really crazy.”

Arsenal bought a company called StatDNA in 2014.The main business of this company is to analyze player data and inspect players.Edu said,In terms of signings,He will rely more on StatDNA surveys and data provided.

(Edit: Yao Fan)