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武汉学生茶:Li Xiaopeng: Luneng is contacting Big Fish,There may be news tonight

Li Xiaopeng: Luneng is contacting “Big Fish”,There may be news tonight

September 7 News Shandong Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng attended the pre-match press conference against Shanghai Shenhua.Li Xiaopeng said that the current team players are relatively tired.Facing Shenhua,Luneng will rotate.

What is the situation of Hao Junmin and Fellaini?

“Fellaini has no problem,There is no problem with his trauma,Hao Junmin is more troublesome,I haven’t got a definite reply from the doctor outside.”

Luneng did not score in two games,Are there any personnel adjustments in the front court?Is there any adjustment to the player’s mood during this period?

“Two consecutive games were blocked by opponents,I am also studying,Of course a bit angry,But we will reorganize the mix of offensive lines,It is difficult to improve tactics and technology in such a short time.However, it is possible to improve after personnel regrouping.The last game showed the desire of the players,The final yellow card and fierce physical confrontation are part of football,I can’t talk about being impatient,I think it is more important for players to have a peaceful mind.”

Lost to Shenhua in the first round,What did the team gain?How will Big Fish survive this period before it arrives?

“Against Shenhua,It has not been easy for so many years,The two teams are indeed between the two,In addition to Evergrande in this competition area,The other teams are very close.second question,We are actively contacting Big Fish,I think there may be some changes tonight.”


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