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武汉喝茶外卖上门:Leonardo: When I heard Messi wanted to leave Barcelona,Paris is really interested

Leonardo: When I heard Messi wanted to leave Barcelona,Paris is really interested

September 7 News Leonardo, director of Paris Saint-Germain, admitted in a recent interview thatWhen Messi announced that he wanted to leave Barcelona,This aroused the interest of PSG.

When asked if Paris Saint-Germain is interested in Messi

Leonardo stated:“Nowadays,When you consider the economic situation,it’s complicated.”

“When told that Messi wanted to leave,We are very interested.You will talk to yourself,Does this have a chance?They are very difficult players to sign.”

“I do not know,Beckham finally retired at Paris Saint-Germain,Messi also comes to Paris?I do not know.This is football,To the end,The situation will naturally be clear,Things are moving forward.”

Thiago Silva’s agent previously stated thatWhen Silva agreed to join Chelsea,Leonardo only proposed to the Brazilian central defender to renew his contract.

“Making a decision on such a player is not easy.They are players who have done everything for the club,Time absolute idol.It’s hard to say that one more year is good,It’s better to be one year less,Or stop there.This group of players,Everything they did in the second half of the season,All are outstanding.We hope everyone is united.”

Talking about team stars Neymar and Mbappé

“The club wants to continue working with them.Everyone knows it well.”

“It is very important to have two players of this level in a team.Both Messi and Ronaldo have their own clubs.And we have two of the best players in the world after Messi and Ronaldo.”

Coach Tuchel’s retention?

“Tuchel’s work is excellent.This is the best season in club history.We will have time to discuss this issue.We have a lot in common,Has also been discussing the transfer market.We always have something to talk about when it comes to signing players,He can always prove whether signing these players is correct.”

“We still have a 10-month contract.Honestly,At that time,Let me see if I can keep him.We made it very clear,I never contacted Allegri,I only know him.Paris hopes to do better this year.”

“Now every club needs to sell players.We made a large investment in Icardi.We must be creative.The player’s departure was planned.We ended the game in August,Not in May.Now it is necessary to sign in before October 5.But before that,We have to look at players leaving the team first.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)