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武汉喝茶服务:Foden: I apologize to everyone,This lesson taught me a valuable lesson

Foden: I apologize to everyone,This lesson taught me a valuable lesson

September 8 News just,Foden updated its social platform,Apologized for taking the girl into the hotel privately during the national team game.

He wrote:“For everything that happened today,And my behavior during the Iceland game,My deepest apologies to everyone.”

“To say sorry to Southgate,I apologize to my England teammates, the staff behind the scenes, the fans, and my club and family.”

“In the days of being called up by the national team,I feel so proud in my heart,Wearing the England adult national team jersey debut,That moment was an incredible glory.”

“I am a young player,There are many things to learn.But this matter,It made me realize that wearing the national team and Manchester City jerseys,What does it really mean.”

“Based on this situation,My behavior is indeed improper,Also lack consideration,It also disappointed everyone.Especially I violated the local epidemic prevention regulations,And all these regulations are precisely to protect us.”

“It is these behaviors,Let me eat the consequences,Missed the team’s next game against Denmark,I feel very sad.”

“The lesson this time,Taught me a valuable lesson.But at the same time,I also wish the team good luck in the next games.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)