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武汉喝茶的地方推荐:Rakitic: Looking forward but not forgetting Barcelona; has left the locker room group chat

Rakitic: Looking forward but not forgetting Barcelona; has left the locker room group chat

September 4th Rakitic, who has just returned to Seville from Barcelona, was interviewed by Radio Serre

Did the people in Seville forget you?

Guess what?

I think there should be no haha,No one can forget you there.I see when you return to Seville, you feel like your grandfather is back.I’m not saying that you have been unhappy during your six years in Barcelona.On the contrary,That was the pinnacle of your career,But it’s not accidental to be so happy

Not by accident,I am really happy and proud to be here.I’m very excited,To start a new chapter again,Reinvest in training and work.I hope I can continue to do my best,I am also full of yearning for driving to the sports city for training.

Have you watched the Spanish national team game?Or are you resting?

I watched a bit,But then I have to put my little daughter to sleep.So I almost didn’t see the absolute goal behind.

Spain was falling behind when the children went to bed.How old is your daughter?

My sister is 4 years old,But the thief struggled to coax her to sleep,Because she doesn’t want to sleep.The boss is 7 years old,But it’s also the kind of not very honest,Have been playing.

The role of father always comes first.You are very happy in Seville now,Your wife and they also returned to their hometown,Your family’s influence will also affect your decision?

Yes,Seville itself is also a big club,There are ambitious plans.

When you were in Barcelona, you had scandals with many clubs,Among them is Paris,There are also many Serie A clubs,But did you decide from the beginning that the next stop you leave Barcelona is to return to Seville?

Not either,The situation is always changing,But Seville has always kept in touch with me.I am glad to be back here eventually,Hope the next journey will be better than the first part of the journey.

Have you completely left Barcelona behind?Are you ready to turn this page?

Not quite ready yet,But always turn the page.I am very happy to be back in Seville,And I really want to continue to dedicate everything I have.What I want to say goodbye is a very wonderful six years in Barcelona,Hope they can remember me.But now I have to turn the page quickly,Because our pre-season preparation time is very limited,The first game is coming soon,The UEFA Super Cup against Bayern.Now I am eager to get back to the best condition quickly.

Atletico played in the first round of the league,Very exciting

The fact is that we haven’t considered Atletico for the time being,After all, the teams that played in the final stages of the European War last season also prepared later than others.Have to start from the third round,We will prepare for that game after playing Bayern.

Are you still in Barcelona’s WhatsApp group chat?Did you leave the group?

Out of respect I have left the group,This is what I should do,After all, I am no longer a member of the locker room,Then I have no right to know what happened there.I am proud to have been a member of the Barcelona locker room,Thank you for everything they have done for me over the years,But now is the time to say goodbye.Now I hope Seville will pull me into the group as soon as possible (laughs).

Did you send a message to Messi?

No,I think Messi should be too busy to reply to the news now.I don’t even care about it.But I really hope to receive information from former Barcelona teammates.These years in Barcelona have been wonderful.

Are you surprised by Messi’s decision?Have been teammates with him for so many years,Have you ever thought that something like this will happen one day?

All of us envisioned a Barcelona with Messi,I can’t talk more about it,After all, I don’t know what is going on right now.In the past few years, it has been very lucky to be teammates with Xavi, Iniesta and Messi.It was very difficult for us to imagine a Barcelona without Xavi or Iniesta.We don’t know what will happen next.

You might have left the club before,But in the end can leave in a decent way,Take a photo with the trophy and the chairman,But there are no fans in the stands,Maybe many people dream of such a way of saying goodbye, right?

This farewell ceremony is indeed wonderful,I miss the 6 years here,Thank you the chairman for giving me such a perfect farewell.Although the fans are not there,But I can always feel the support from the stands.

You are indeed a very professional and excellent player,It’s also important to have people who have always supported you off the court?

Thank you very much for my family members who have been supporting me.I am very proud to have them.And I have been working hard to dedicate my best self with their support.

Seville has conquered the Europa League,Have you ever thought about it,Why can’t we go further?

Seville is growing every year,Of course we can always go further on the basis of previous years,That’s why I am here.

You are about to face Bayern again in the UEFA Super Cup,Not long ago, you and Barcelona defeated Bayern 2-8.Is this your worst night as a player?

feeling bad,After experiencing so many beautiful things,It is really uncomfortable to encounter such a thing,I hope such a thing will not happen again.

Anything you want to say to the Barcelona fans?

Thank you very much for their support over the years,Since the first day here,I have always wanted to give my best to the team,Thank you teammates and coaches for everything.Hope the team can get back on track as soon as possible.These six years are very special,I now hope to share these years with others.

Sevilla and Barcelona’s team song,Which one sings more?

Sevi’s might be more, right?But I often listen to be frank,I rarely see foreign players who can sing Sevey’s team song.Sevi’s team song is very special,Sometimes I go to other places,I am often surprised to see children who can sing.

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