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武汉喝茶群:The United States speculates that China shoots an aircraft carrier killer into the South China Sea,Officials in both countries have not confirmed the content of media reports

The United States speculates that China shoots an “aircraft carrier killer” into the South China Sea,Officials in both countries have not confirmed the content of media reports
Original title: U.S. speculates that China shoots “aircraft carrier killer” into the South China Sea,Officials in both countries have not confirmed the content of media reports

To demonstrate to the United States,China launches “aircraft carrier killer” toward the South China Sea!At a time when tensions are frequently reported by the Chinese and American armed forces,The U.S. media quickly put this hot news in a prominent position,And accused this move may escalate the situation in the South China Sea.The reporter noticed,Although the U.S. media is very hot,However, Chinese and American officials have not confirmed relevant reports. 

The Hong Kong “South China Morning Post” first reported relevant news.The report quoted “a source close to the Chinese military” as saying,The PLA launched two missiles into the South China Sea on the morning of the 26th.Issue a “clear warning” to the United States.Allegedly,These two missiles are the “Dongfeng-26” medium- and long-range ballistic missiles launched from Qinghai.And the “Dongfeng-21D” medium-range ballistic missile launched from Zhejiang.The source said,Two missiles landed in the area between Hainan and the Paracel Islands.

This news quickly attracted the attention of the American media.The Associated Press detailed the characteristics of these two missiles,”‘Dongfeng-21D’ can hit a maritime aircraft carrier with extremely high precision,Known as the “Carrier Killer”,‘Dongfeng-26′ can carry conventional or nuclear warheads,Greatly enhance China’s long-range strike capability”.The US “Popular Machinery” website stated thatBoth “Dongfeng-26” and “Dongfeng-21D” are anti-ship ballistic missiles.”Dongfeng-21D” has a range of 1,800 kilometers,”Dongfeng-26″ can strike a ship target 4000 kilometers away.

Bloomberg’s report on the 27th “added another fire.”According to the report,An anonymous U.S. defense official said,China launched 4 medium-range ballistic missiles on the 26th,Hit the South China Sea between Hainan Island and Paracel Islands,”Beijing launched a missile the day after it warned that the US reconnaissance plane entered the PLA exercise no-fly zone.”

Compared with the various hype in the American media,The Pentagon did not confirm the missile launch positively.Bloomberg mentioned,U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Scott Kang said on the 27th when answering questions related to missile launches,”As long as they (the People’s Liberation Army) act in accordance with international laws and norms,They have every right to do this”,The United States is ready to “respond to any threats in the region.”In his answer, he did not confirm whether the People’s Liberation Army launched the “Carrier Killer”.Just to emphasize: “If all military operations are professional,You can make the battleship go to the same (test) sea area.”

The US “Stars and Stripes” said on the 27th,Scott Conn, commander of the US Navy’s Third Fleet, who is participating in the “Pacific Rim” multinational exercise, said:”We have noticed media reports of China launching ballistic missiles into the South China Sea,But the United States insists on its military presence in the region.”In an interview in Hawaii on the 27th, Secretary of Defense Esper did not confirm the launch of the PLA’s missiles.Just mention that “China seems to be the most obvious in showing its strength in Southeast AsiaEspecially in the South China Sea.”

The reporter noticed,When the People’s Liberation Army tested ballistic missiles such as “Dongfeng-41” and “Julang-2”,The standard term used by the Pentagon to confirm related launch activities is “We have learned about the recent launch,And will continue to pay attention to the development of Chinese weapons.”Related experts told reporters on the 27th,If China launches the two types of missiles mentioned in the report,The US missile early warning system should be able to detect it quickly.

The Associated Press said on the 27th,The Chinese Ministry of National Defense stated that the PLA did indeed conduct military exercises in the area.But it did not confirm whether the missile was launched or other details.Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense of China, said at a regular press conference on the 27th:”The Chinese army is in the sea and airspace near southeast Qingdao and west of Lushun,Nansha Islands and surrounding areas, Xisha and nearby sea and airspace to the north,Organize routine military exercises.The above exercises are not directed against any country.”Wu Qian also said at the press conference on the 27th,”For some time,The US continues to provoke troubles,Serious damage to China’s sovereignty and security, serious damage to relations between the two countries and the armed forces.China will not dance with the United States,I won’t let Mei foolish,We take strong measures,Resolutely defended national sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

In addition to the recent continuous spying of the PLA exercise area by U.S. military aircraft,The US Navy said on Twitter on the 27th thatThe USS “Mustine” guided-missile destroyer conducted “routine operations” in the waters near the Paracel Islands.Colonel Li Huamin, spokesperson for the Southern Theater of the People’s Liberation Army, said that day,The southern theater organized naval and air forces to track, monitor, verify and identify the “Marstin” throughout the entire process.And be warned to drive away.

An anonymous expert told reporters on the 27th,It is not China but the United States that continues to stir up troubles in the South China Sea.The more the United States wants to show its presence in the South China Sea,Keep provoking me,Keep putting pressure on me,It even threatens the security of territorial sovereignty,The more we have to strengthen our guard,Continuously improve their military capabilities,Because you can fight to stop the war,At the same time, maintain sufficient concentration.