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武汉喝茶外卖上门:The 35th batch of naval escort formation special operations unit drills and rescues hijacked ships

The 35th batch of naval escort formation special operations unit drills and rescues hijacked ships

The 35th batch of special forces of the Navy’s escort formation were on guard duty on deck.

Fighting in the open sea, training in the open sea.For days,The Navy’s 35th escort task force special forces unit approached the escort mission and strengthened the training of armed rescue of hijacked ships.Gulf of Aden,It has become a military training ground for them to practice hard and all-round training.

The special fighters went out in a high-speed boat.

Scorching sun,Special combat crews carry out long-range sniping, grappling and fighting training on high-temperature decks,Sharpen the quality of will,Practicing the hard work of sealing the throat with one sword and killing the enemy with one move.At the grappling and fighting scene,The special forces are all vigorous,Side kick, top knee, lock throat,Every action is precise and ruthless.

Special forces fighters are training in combat under the scorching sun.

Repeatedly study,Move only to hear the order.Special trainings such as concealed approach, fast boarding, and armed rescue have been launched one after another.I saw,The air falcon hovered for alert,Coordinated maneuvering of sea boats,Ship surface sniper fire cover. After a series of actions such as alerting, climbing, and cover, the special forces,Quickly board the “hijacked merchant ship.”

Special forces personnel conduct cabin search training.

immediately,They conduct actual combat exercises such as cabin search, binding escort, and hostage rescue.Interlocked.on site,Tactical actions such as breaking doors, firing guns, disarming, and capturing special forces were completed in one go.Assault decisively with the momentum of thunder,Successfully rescued the “hijacked merchant ship”.

Special forces fighters cover in the air.

The sunset dyes the sea and sky,The national flag is blowing in the wind.The special forces member gripped the steel gun tightly,Watching the sea vigilantly,Guard the peace of this sea with loyalty and passion.

Special forces personnel conduct warning shooting training.

“Overcome the enemy and win,Inseparable from hard work.”The special operations team leader Zheng Chengwen said.After the baptism of wind and waves in the Gulf of Aden,Withstood the test of escort combat,Effectively improve the ability of special forces members to observe, alert, respond quickly and cooperate,It also strengthened their ability and confidence to complete the next stage of escort missions.(Photographic report: Jiang Shan Zhang Junsheng)