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武汉喝茶的地方推荐:Huang Wenjie: Go to the battlefield to show off

Huang Wenjie: Go to the “battlefield” to show off
Original title: Huang Wenjie goes to the “battlefield” again to show off


Being a good military doctor is Huang Wenjie’s lifelong pursuit.Photo by Zhao Jianwei


Huang Wenjie (fourth from right) patiently helped bring young medical staff.


Returning from the epidemic,Huang Wenjie and his comrades received a warm welcome.

In the “red zone” of the hospital,A military doctor walked quickly to the bed,Lean over, auscultate, ask.under protective clothing,He was panting and sweating,But he refused to stop.

This military doctor is Huang Wenjie,Chief physician of Department of Respiratory Medicine, Southern Theater General Hospital.He looked peaceful,Polite,But the blood of soldiers was flowing in the veins.Year 2003,He successfully reported the country’s first SARS case,And cured the first SARS patient,Rong Li first class merit.

17 years later,Facing the sudden raging new crown pneumonia epidemic,The 58-year-old Huang Wenjie once again submitted an invitation to the organization.Go into battle,Go to Wuhan to fight the epidemic.

After entering the Huoshenshan Hospital,Huang Wenjie has been riveting in the “red zone”,Charge ahead.To grasp the patient’s condition,When the ward received the first batch of patients,He stood in the cold wind for a full 8 hours for triage,And read the CT images of 45 patients one by one.To ensure scientific governance,He insisted on personal rounds,In-depth communication with patients,Do symptomatic treatment.To improve the level of treatment,He took advantage of the ward round,Face-to-face teaching to young doctors in the department.With unremitting efforts,Huang Wenjie led the team to treat more than 170 patients,FireWire won second-class merit.

Huang Wenjie has practiced medicine for nearly 40 years,The blue silk becomes white hair,What remains unchanged is the mission of soldiers and the benevolence of doctors.these years,He has won many honors,But the most important thing is still the title of “People’s Military Doctor”.Be a good military doctor,It is his lifelong pursuit.(Fu Kai)