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:Resolutely oppose U.S. politicians to slander China

Resolutely oppose U.S. politicians to slander China

  Our newspaper, Beijing, August 31st  (Reporter Wang Xiaobo) In response to the accusation of China’s political system, Taiwan-related issues, Hong Kong-related issues, and South China Sea issues by the U.S. President’s National Security Affairs Assistant O’Brien,Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on the 31st,For some time,Some U.S. politicians are motivated by a zero-sum Cold War mentality and political self-interestIgnore the basic facts,Chattering maliciously against China’s political system,Slander and smear China,To sow relations between other countries and China,China firmly opposes this.

  Zhao Lijian said at the regular press conference that day,Is the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics good?The Chinese people know best and have the most say,It is not the turn of American politicians to point their fingers.As the largest trading partner of more than 130 countries and regions,Is China’s development an opportunity or a threat to the world?From the perspective of countries actively strengthening exchanges and cooperation with China,The answer is contrast,The United States arbitrarily “withdraws from the group” and “broke the contract”Use international law if it is compatible, or discard it if it doesn’t,Serious damage to international fairness and justice and global peace, stability and development.”In fact,The international community clearly sees the attempts of US politicians to spread rumors about China, play up China’s threats, and try to tie other countries into the ‘anti-Communist and anti-China chariot’.Will not buy it at all.”

  ”People’s Daily” (Version 03, September 1, 2020)