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武汉学生茶vx:New Balance in the World Situation: Europe is not yet ready, China desires peaceful development

“New Balance in the World Situation”: Europe is not yet ready, China desires peaceful development

Paris, August 31 (Reporter He Qian) The Vision and Innovation Foundation, led by the former French Prime Minister Raffarin, held a seminar on “Unbalanced Factors in the New World Pattern” in Paris from August 27th to 28th.The seminar invited experts from the European Union, international relations, journalism and communication, Sino-French exchanges and other fields to participate.Online exchanges and discussions on how Europe faced the new crown epidemic and the new world situation under the tension of Sino-US relations.The participants analyzed the new characteristics of the current international situation,And they agreed that when Europe is responding to the new situation of the international structure,Not yet prepared enough,And there is not enough foresight in the development of science and technology industry.Former French Prime Minister Raffarin, as the host representative,Speeches were given at the opening and closing of the seminar.

China longs for peaceful development and is willing to go hand in hand with Europe

Nicole Bacharan, a former national researcher, historian, and political scientist at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, pointed out: “The American democratic system is experiencing difficulties.The election in November this year did not solve the problems of the American democratic system itself.The Democratic Party’s commitment to voters is seriously out of touch with reality.The real world experienced by Americans is also far from the ideal described by Trump.Even in 2021,The situation in the United States will not improve.”

Caroline Puel, a French journalist who was fluent in Chinese and a former correspondent in China, pointed out: “China has gone through the process of’swan paddling’ in the 1980s and 1990s of reform and opening up.That is, the surface is calm,Push underwater.Since the 2008 financial crisis,China slowly appeared in front of the world stage,Eurozone debt crisis, Brexit, etc.,Both are signs of changes in the world structure.under such a circumstance,China has always maintained development and continued to grow stronger,This trend makes Western countries feel terrified.In the past ten years,China has also seized the opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution of the Internet,Make up for the industrial development opportunities missed in the past.In nearly half a century, ChinaGradually formed its own unique development model,Some large companies or banks have even been able to compete with Western multinational companies.”Simultaneously,Pu Haolin, who is familiar with Chinese culture, also emphasized: “China has no intention of trying to dominate the world and become a military power.”

Pu Haolin emphasized: “China aspires for peaceful development.Although its social mechanism is very different from European and American countries,But the Chinese have full respect for European civilization,All these show China’s willingness to close relations with Europe.”Pu Haolin also pointed out: “Today China is more cautious.And is also watching the situation in the U.S. election,Europe needs more unity to deal with the new international situation.”The French “Le Figaro” reporter Renaud Girard (Renaud Girard) also pointed out when analyzing Sino-US relations: “The Chinese are not as belligerent as the Western countries.Although Sino-US relations are currently relatively tense,But the possibility of a hot war is unlikely.”

Europe is not ready to compete in the 5G sector

Ali Laidi, a researcher at the French School of Economic Warfare, pointed out: “Under the current situation,The attitude of European countries is still relatively naive,Not fully prepared for economic policy,But even so,In the future, Europe still has a lot of room for action in the new trend of the international structure.Able to play a unique role in balancing international relations.”

Pascal Boniface, director of the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations, pointed out: “In the fields of climate warming, intellectual property rights, etc.,The United States showed an attitude of retreating,Increased opportunities for cooperation between China and Europe,The role space for Europe is also increasing.”Pascal Boniface believes: “Europe’s current needs and goals for its own development are not clear enough.This is the fundamental problem,most of the time,Europe is just repeating the position of the United States.Take France as an example,France is dependent on the United States psychologically and culturally.How can we, without considering the attitude of the United States,Make an independent China policy,This will be the core of the problem.”

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for industrial policy, internal market, digital technology, defense and space affairs, analyzed the current situation in Europe from the perspective of the EU.He pointed out: “Europe needs to strengthen policy autonomy, flexibility and reciprocity.In order to better maintain its position in the new changes in the international landscape.Take Sino-US relations as an example,Europe needs to respond to this,Find yourself in the right place,For example, formulating European strategic directions in the fields of medicine and energy.”

In addition,Thierry Breton also emphasized,Europe’s lack of competitiveness in the field of cyber information space,Lagging behind the United States and China,The technical capabilities in this area must be strengthened.In this regard,Pu Haolin also pointed out: “Europeans are not aware of the importance of how 5G will affect the world.The French don’t know enough about 5G,This is the current major shortcoming in Europe.”

Thierry Breton remains confident in Europe,He believes: “Europe is the most democratized continent in the world.It also provides more security and opportunities,therefore,Europe must firmly consolidate its values,Strengthen the internal unity of the EU.”Thierry Breton told the EU summit,France and Germany have rarely joined forces to support 750 billion euros to aid EU countries in fighting the epidemic.It is believed that the enhancement of the EU’s sense of unity will help Europe maintain its position in the international situation.

Former French Prime Minister Raffarin also pointed out in his speech at the end of the seminar: “Europe needs to establish a more specific, structured and systematic foreign strategy.To deal with the new situation of international relations,In order to play a positive balancing role in the future international structure,Consolidate the unique position of Europe,Facing the new situation in Sino-US relations.”