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武汉喝茶会所:Rummenigge: If Eleven,He wants to buy three stars every year

Rummenigge: If Eleven,He wants to buy three stars every year

News on August 31 Bayern Munich CEO Rummenigge talked about Lewandowski in an interview a few days ago.

Rummenigge said:“Lewand Club has always been willing to buy three stars every year,Because he always wants to reap what he achieved last Sunday,That is the Champions League,He is very obsessed with goals,When he finally raised the championship trophy,He may be the happiest person in Lisbon and Poland.”

Rummenigge said:“After the Champions League final,Levan said to me,‘Carl,We now have the opportunity to start a new era,Do you know why we won today?Because we have the best bench seats.’He is right,We will always strengthen the bench.”

Rummenigge also stated:“I used to think that Lewandre just used Bayern as his transit point to Real Madrid.Because that was his favorite club at the time,But now everything has changed.”

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