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:The U.S.-Russian arms race focuses on the missile field

The U.S.-Russian arms race focuses on missiles
Original title: U.S.-Russian arms race focused on missiles

Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, once stated,All U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers will be equipped with hypersonic missiles

recently,The United States took advantage of the “unbinding” of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces TreatyPlanning to deploy hypersonic weapons and ballistic missiles in the direction of Europe,Russia has specifically strengthened the building of anti-missile combat capabilities.In the context of increasing missile offensive and defensive confrontation between the two sides,The security situation in Europe may face more severe challenges.

U.S. threatens to deploy missiles in Europe

According to US media reports,Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, said at an event hosted by the Hudson Institute on October 28: “We are developing hypersonic weapons and ballistic missile launch systems.To protect the safety of the United States.if necessary,We will deploy these missiles in Europe to deter Russia.”

O’Brien pointed out: “By deploying these weapons,Not only can we stop attacks,It will also give us control over future arms control negotiations,Just like when we deployed Pershing and cruise missiles to Europe in the 1880s,Forcing the Soviets to sit at the negotiating table is the same.”O’Brien also revealed,The United States is gradually approaching an agreement with Russia to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.”We have made recommendations to Russia and made progress.”

Regarding O’Brien’s above statement,Anatoly Antonov, Russian ambassador to the United States, responded,Such intentions of the United States may lead to an imbalance in the regional and global security situation.So as to escalate the confrontation between the United States and Russia,”If Washington is interested in achieving true arms control,There is no need to upgrade the missile arms race on the European continent,Russia is willing to work with foreign partners,Prevent a new missile arms race in the European continent and other parts of the world.”

Russian media commented thatO’Brien’s statement is more symbolic than substantive,Because the US Army and Navy are still developing hypersonic missiles,According to the current progress, it is unlikely that it will launch its first land-based hypersonic missile before 2023.The development of sea-based hypersonic missiles will take longer.Russian media also broke the news thatO’Brien once said,All U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers will be equipped with hypersonic missiles.But “this statement obviously surprised the U.S. Navy.Because the U.S. Navy’s budget plan does not include the use of technology and equipment that does not yet exist to transform aging destroyers.”

Russia steps up to strengthen anti-missile capabilities

On the same day O’Brien made his statement,The Russian Ministry of Defense announced,The air defense force of the country’s Aerospace Forces tested a new type of anti-missile interceptor at the Sareshagan training ground in Kazakhstan that day.The commander of the Russian air defense force Grabchuk said,The missile hit the target accurately.The Russian Ministry of Defense pointed out thatThe anti-missile system will be installed in the Russian Air Force,It is also used to defend against aerospace weapon attacks, perform early warning system attacks and outer space surveillance missions.

The outside world quoted Russian military experts as saying,The Russian army is testing the latest A-235 anti-missile system interceptor.This new interceptor will replace the A-135 antimissile system interceptor.Used to destroy low-orbit targets and intercept the atmosphere.According to the situation previously disclosed by Russian media,The A-235 anti-missile system is equipped with three interceptor bombs,They are the improved long-range missile based on 51T6, the improved medium-range missile based on 58R6 and the improved short-range missile based on 53T6.Regarding the specific parameters such as the range and height of the interceptor,There is no authoritative statement yet,It is only known that the A-235 anti-missile system interceptor may use a Russian directional blasting warhead.

For the test firing of the anti-missile interceptor,The evaluation in Russia is quite high.RIA Novosti commented thatThe new anti-missile interceptor will in the future enhance the operational capabilities of the Russian capital Moscow and some missile defense systems in Europe.Yuri Konutov, a military expert in the field of Russian air defense and director of the Air Defense Museum, said,The Russian anti-missile system’s new interceptor can destroy American satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles.As a result, all new weapon systems currently being developed by the United States become ineffective.

In addition,Some military experts believe thatThe interception range of the A-235 anti-missile system is likely to be greater than that of the US military’s “THAAD” high-altitude area defense system.Or it will be comparable to the “Standard-3” anti-missile system used by the US military to carry out mid-stage interception missions.External comments believe thatThe research and development of the US and Soviet anti-missile systems “started” almost at the same time.Later, due to factors such as the collapse of the Soviet Union,Russia’s anti-missile system construction has opened a certain gap with the United States.current,In the face of an increasingly severe security situation,Russia “running up to catch up”,Strive to “equal” with the United States in the field of anti-missile system construction.

The European security situation is more severe

Overall,The current increasingly fierce missile arms race between the United States and Russia,The “culprit” is that the United States stubbornly refuses to fulfill its arms control obligations.August 2, 2019The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty became invalid after the United States officially withdrew,Russia subsequently suspended the implementation of this treaty.After that,The United States has made frequent actions in the construction of China’s pilotsA serious threat to Russia’s strategic security.Provoked by the United States,Russia has to strengthen the building of offensive missile and anti-missile combat capabilities.As Russian President Putin pointed out recently,The Intermediate-Range-Range Treaty has played a special role in avoiding a missile crisis in Europe.The withdrawal of the United States before this completely invalidated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.This is a serious error,The risk of causing an arms race to break out is greatly increased.

future,The U.S. military is most likely to respond to the “strategic competition between major powers” and the “asymmetric military advantage” of potential opponents.Accelerate the advancement of a land-based medium-range missile force system with land-based cruise missiles, land-based ballistic missiles and land-based hypersonic missiles as the core,In an effort to make up for the weakness of the US military in its short- and medium-range, medium- and long-range strike capabilities,Form a new combat advantage against potential opponents such as Russia as early as possible.

It is worth noting thatThe U.S. pays attention to the practice of using hypersonic missiles to draw offensive and defensive countermeasures against major power missilesWhile pushing the US-Russia strategic game into a new stage,It is also very likely to change the shape of future wars.Just as the advent of aircraft and missiles triggered military changes in the 20th century,Hypersonic weapons will also bring changes to wars in the 21st century.Hypersonic weapons fly extremely fast,Neither the United States nor Russia can provide timely warning and effective interception of each other’s hypersonic weapons.future,The military confrontation between the United States and Russia is bound to develop in a faster and more precise direction.”Point-pointing” rapid strikes and “spike” warfare may occur frequently.

Once the United States deploys hypersonic missiles to “critical areas” such as Europe,Not only will it have a negative impact on the regional situation and security,It may also trigger a powerful military countermeasure in Russia.With the help of the United States,A new round of land-based medium-range missiles and hypersonic weapons arms race in the world may come soon.(Lan Haining)