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武汉学生茶:The second round starts,Three towns in Wuhan unveiled the opening match

The second round starts,Three towns in Wuhan unveiled the opening match

  Yangtze River News, October 24 (Reporter Ma Wanyong) 15:00 on the 24th,The 2020 Chinese Football League Two will ignite war in Yunnan.In the opener,The three towns of Wuhan will face Guangxi Baoyun.At the pre-match press conference,The coach of the Three Towns team Alberto said,The whole team is ready,To strive for victory in every game.

  The 2020 China Second League is the last event in the series of the Chinese Football Professional League.The three towns of Wuhan from Hubei and Chu Feng joined forces in the Kunming Haigeng Division.The first round of competition,The three towns of Wuhan appeared in the opening match,Against Guangxi Baoyun,Chu Feng will join forces with Zibo Cuju.

  As a recognized favorite in the circle,The head coach of Wuhan Three Towns, Alberto, said at the pre-match press conference: “For this year’s China League Two,We went through a long preparation period,So I hope to put all our abilities and all our efforts into this competition.We need to play every game well,Through the efforts of each game to achieve our goals.”Zhou Heng, a veteran of Wuhan Optics Valley and Wuhan Zall, said,The team will unite as one,Fight every game,Strive for victory in every game,This is also our respect for the game and the opponent.

  This season, the way that the second team advances to the second one is more cruel than the Super League and the second one.Only the top two teams in the two divisions have a chance to enter the “winning group.”To compete for two places.”Because it is a tournament system,The intensity of the competition is relatively high,We need to consider the players’ physical and psychological endurance,Adjust the training intensity and rhythm.”Alberto said.”Of course we will match in the age structure,The important thing is to prepare every player psychologically and competitively.”

  This season,The Wuhan Three Towns team increased their signings,Bring in 14 strong aids,Among them, there are many players who have experience in the Super League and the Chinese Premier League, such as Deng Zhuoxiang, Zhou Liao, Xiong Fei, Nie Aoshuang, and Sang Yifei.

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