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武汉喝茶论坛:The Second Headquarters of my country’s first-line Internet companies gathered in Han,Wuhan becomes the central height of the Internet headquarters economy

The “Second Headquarters” of my country’s first-line Internet companies gathered in HanWuhan becomes the “central height” of the Internet headquarters economy
  Changjiang Net News (Reporter Zhang Jun) With the establishment of Alibaba’s Central China headquarters in Wuhan,Numerous Internet companies’ “second headquarters” and R&D centers have intensively entered Wuhan.As of November 2,Including BAT and Bytedance (the parent company of Toutiao and Douyin),Many of the top-ranked Internet companies in China have their headquarters or second headquarters in Wuhan.

  A rendering of Alibaba’s central China headquarters. Photo by reporter He Xiaogang
  According to incomplete statistics from reporters,In addition to Tencent Wuhan R&D Center in Jiangxia and Baidu Artificial Intelligence Technology Park in Wuhan Economic Development Zone,Currently,There are more than 50 second headquarters or R&D bases of Internet companies in the Optics Valley area alone.This includes: Huawei Wuhan Base, Lenovo Wuhan Base, Xiaomi Wuhan Base, ByteDance Wuhan R&D Center, 360 “Second Headquarters”, Xiaohongshu “Second Headquarters”, Yuanzhuo “Second Headquarters”, GSXWuhan R&D Center, etc.
  The “Second Headquarters” of the aforementioned Internet technology companies provide fertile soil for Wuhan to attract university graduates, and to introduce and retain high-tech talents.Just take Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters, which opened at the end of 2019, as an example.In the next ten years,Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters will be built into Xiaomi’s super-large R&D headquarters and a technological highland in the era of artificial intelligence.Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters will be able to accommodate 10,000 employees,And to provide employees with the best working and living environment.80% of these employees will be recruited locally.
  The young people who stayed at the “second headquarters” of these Internet companies,It is also exporting their wisdom and strength to netizens across the country.Take the “Second Headquarters” of Optics Valley Ape Coaching as an example,Currently,Among the three major functional teams of Ape Coaching, the Ape Test Bank and Xiao Ape Search Test are located in Wuhan.National Online 1.Homework guidance for 600 million elementary and middle school students,All are in charge of the team from Wuhan.This young Internet education team,Jiucheng in Han was established through school recruitment,All under 30 years old,Many recent college graduates have quickly grown into grassroots managers.
  A group of world-leading high-tech products are branded as Wuhan because of the “Second Headquarters” in Wuhan.Therefore, the world’s attention has gathered in Wuhan.In September this year,Lenovo’s world’s first 5G folding screen mobile phone rolled off the assembly line in Wuhan.Currently,The Wuhan Economic Development Zone Artificial Intelligence Technology Park also aims to build AI R&D and application industry clusters.Introduced Baidu Yunzhi Academy (Wuhan Economic Development Zone Artificial Intelligence Technology Park Base) and AI training room to jointly create an industrial talent training system.Baidu’s Apollon, Neolithic and other unmanned vehicles are tested and operated in various smart parks in Wuhan.
  November 2nd,Talking about the Central China headquarters settled in Wuhan,Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, said,Wuhan is a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship.Alibaba will give full play to its ecological advantages in Wuhan,Surrounding the infrastructure advantages of business, finance, logistics, cloud computing and other aspects built in the digital economy era,Help Wuhan’s economic development,Facilitate the development of Wuhan’s new infrastructure,Help Wuhan build a national center city, a national science and innovation center city and an international metropolis,Help Wuhan move towards a better life in an all-round way.
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