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武汉学生茶:The Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces of Hechuan District, Chongqing City Makes Efforts to Consolidate the Emergency Response Capacity of the Militia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces of Hechuan District, Chongqing City Makes Efforts to Consolidate the Emergency Response Capacity
Original title: Borrowing referees to grab opportunities to increase strength

“The fire observation post is not blowing; the site selection of the tent is unreasonable; the sanitation staff does not handle the wounded properly,Too much handling,Caused a second injury to the wounded.” On October 26,The People’s Armed Forces Department of Hechuan District, Chongqing City organized a drill for the militia emergency unit.The difference is thatTo evaluate and score the militia,Is a faculty member from the Army Service Academy.In response to the lack of instructors and low level of actual combat in militia training and exercises,The People’s Armed Forces Department of Hechuan District took advantage of the opportunity to protect the transit troops to carry out training exercisesImprove the quality and effectiveness of training.

Not long ago,The Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces received the task of supporting the Army Service Academy for field training and transit camping.Minister Li Fengbin sniffed out fighters from it,Realizing that this is a rare training opportunity: “Resolutely complete the support mission,At the same time, can we ask the faculty and experts of the Service College to also train our militias to ‘pulse consultation’?”

This exercise benchmarks the new outline,Set up a number of practical courses such as forest fire fighting, flood fighting and emergency rescue, and stability maintenance.Comprehensive tests of the militia’s physical fitness, psychological will and combat skills and other qualities.

“When fighting floods,How to use simple equipment to rescue the trapped people; when forest fires,How to observe the fire occupying a favorable position.” Combining the content of a morning exercise,The militia emergency team took the initiative to find the college coach and raised the confusion.Seek a solution.

When the leaders of the ministry saw this,Decided to use the site to once again pull the forest fire fighting emergency drill,Test the effectiveness of learning.From the emergency dispatch to the exercise process,The college coach pointed out the problems one by one,And randomly arrange a few students to join the exercise,Set up danger,Respond with the militia.”Mastered these expertise,In future emergency drills,We can respond to various dangerous situations faster and more accurately.”The militiaman Wang Chao said with emotion.

The author saw in the subsequent exercise,Following the commander’s order,The militia firemen used pressurized water pumps,”Water dragons” are jetted along the ridge,Fight the wildfire,A series of movements are tight and orderly and closely connected.

“This exercise revealed many shortcomings.The results are not ideal,But the important gain is to completely dispel the consciousness that the militia is only supporting supporting actors.Establish a clear orientation that everyone is the protagonist of actual combat.”Li Fengbin said.