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武汉喝茶的地方推荐:The Iron Army that never rusts—A record of the 82nd Army’s Iron Army transformation and preparation

The “Iron Army” that never rusts—A record of the 82nd Army’s “Iron Army” transformation and preparation

Although it’s night,The desert grassland is still full of iron armor and gunfire.

“Attention every car,Start the vehicle,Shock,carried out!””Armor-piercing bullets,The enemy armored target directly ahead,Short stop,Annihilate!”.A contract tactical training base in Inner Mongolia,The offensive and defensive battle of the 82nd Army “Iron Army Brigade” lasted from 3 pm to 8 pm.This is also an ordinary “battle” in the live ammunition tactical exercise of the brigade reorganization system that lasted more than four months.

“‘Iron Army Brigade’ since the reform and migration of defense three years ago,Not only the equipment has been updated,The annual training time and ammunition consumption have also increased significantly.”Said Liu Heng, a third-level sergeant and shooting technician who has been in the army for 17 years.

“After being adapted from a light mechanized infantry division in 2017,The’Iron Army Brigade’ has continuously accelerated the pace of exploration, transformation and enhancement of the combat effectiveness of the troops.”The brigade political commissar Zhang Xingmin said,Especially after being reviewed by President Xi twice and listening to the important speech of the commander-in-chief at the military parade.The brigade officers and soldiers were encouraged,Burst out a huge enthusiasm for transformation and preparation.

September 3, 2015Parade on the Victory Day of the Anti-Japanese War,The “Liu Laozhuang Company” hero model unit named after the “Iron Army Brigade” Liu Laozhuang Company walked through Tiananmen Square with its head high.Accepted review by President Xi; October 1, 2019,Military parade on the 70th anniversary of National Day,The army team with the “Iron Army” as the main body once again strode across Tiananmen Square.

“Synthesis is our greatest feature,‘Split’ can act separately,”He” is clenched into an iron fist.”The brigade commander Liu Junfeng said.The combined assault force of the battalion is substantial, the striking firepower is fierce, the command structure is efficient, and the force is fully organized.It is a basic combat unit with strong independent combat capability; while the combined brigade is a basic combat unit that adapts to the needs of global combat.By flexibly configuring various equipment firepower,Realize modular grouping, network communication and three-dimensional strikes,The combat effectiveness of various weapons and equipment can be more accurately and fully released.

“This year’s live ammunition exercise realized for the first time that all main combat equipment and combatants of the brigade carried live ammunition.All installed, actual hit, actual explosion, and actual investment.”Li Zhiyang, chief of the training section of the brigade staff said,This is the most combat-based exercise he has participated in in the 16 years since he joined the army.The officers and soldiers have received a lot of training,Many problems have also been exposed.

In the view of brigade commander Liu Junfeng,This live-fire exercise,Broke the barriers between various arms and professions,The ability to coordinate operations between arms has been enhanced,The system has verified the basic training level, overall combat capability, reconnaissance, control, and evaluation links, and training and preparation results of the troops.Comprehensively enhance the army’s ability to prepare and win.

The chief of staff of the brigade Yang Fan summed up his understanding of the adjustment of the “Iron Army Brigade” organization system in two sentences: First, relying on laying a solid foundation to ensure the transformationThe second is to boost the transformation by improving quality.

“For grassroots troops,Make a solid transformation,Is to do the specific details well,From the basis of physical fitness, individual basis, and tactical basis,Do it bit by bit.”In addition,Yang Fan believes that the current weapons and equipment, combat concepts, and organizational forms place high requirements on the quality of officers and soldiers.The brigade grasps training, training, research, and competitions,It’s all to tap the capabilities of officers and soldiers to the limit and use their equipment to the extreme.Truly “combination of human costumes”.

Zhang Song, commander of the first battalion, also mentioned the term “quality” many times.”Being a battalion commander is too demanding now.Because the battalion must be able to fight independently,Battalion commanders such as engineering, reconnaissance, communications, and medical services must master the combat requirements and training characteristics of these arms.”

Li Zhiyang, who has worked as a training staff for many years, feels that many of the things he learned before are no longer useful.”The previous combat training programs were aimed at fixed combat targets.But after the transformation,The combat missions are more diverse,Mostly new things,From the organization to the tactics of play, they must be studied one by one.”

Meng Han, who has participated in two military parades, also feels that the training after transformation is closer to actual combat.”I am proud of my company,I am also proud that our brigade can be the’vanguard’ of the transformation.”Meng Han said,I just joined the army for 3 months when I participated in the parade on Victory Day of the War of ResistanceMore to feel fresh,When participating in the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the National Day,He has deeply understood,There are heavy responsibilities behind the glory carried by this heroic army.

Half a year after moving defense,The “Iron Army Brigade” is a demonstration course for the group army to demonstrate high standards.Explore and form more than 10 research results; in the actual combat exercise that year,Strengthen the force of the 8 types of new quality,For the first time, it was the first time to verify the joint operations of all services and arms; three waves of battalion tactical exercises were organized successively,At the battalion level, the four elements of command and control, reconnaissance intelligence, fire strike, and force assault are integrated.

“Whether it is a force,Still alone,Must have faith,Only if you have faith do you want to work, and you want to work,To get things done.”The deputy brigade commander Yun Bo thought,It is the iron army spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation that supports the transformation and development of the “Iron Army”.It will always inspire the “Iron Army” to stand up to the forefront and never rust.