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武汉喝茶群:Referee experts unanimously: Langley drag Ramos could have not awarded a penalty

Referee experts unanimously: Langley drag Ramos could have not awarded a penalty

October 25th, in the national derby early this morning,There is a controversial penalty,And the most important of them,The most discussed was the 61-minute battle between Langley and Ramos in the second half.Ramos leaned back after Langley pulled his clothes.The referee initially did not award a penalty kick.But then the referee Juan Martinez Mnuela looked back at VAR at the request of Real Madrid players.Penalty kick was changed.

For this action,Iturralde, the former golden post of Radio Serre,The referee expert of Marca Radio Andújar Oliver,And Arturo Dauden, the former international referee of Radio Zero, thought it was not a penalty.Or whether it is judged or not.

Iturralde gave his explanation:“I think there are two disputes about this ball: is it a penalty?And whether VAR should intervene,And the second point is more important than the first point,Because this action is actually a‘Referee decision’Actions,Instead of‘VAR decision‘Actions.”

“The logic of VAR is,Only intervene on serious issues that need to be discussed,For example, Henry’s handball assists back then,Tassotti elbowed Louis Enrique,Including the game between Real Sociedad and Betis a few days ago,Sanabria was pulled to the jersey torn,This is when VAR should step in.Instead of intervening in all actions,It’s not football.”


“And if Langley’s action is a serious pull,Can be judged.What is severe pulling?According to the rules: use the action of pulling, hug and throw to prevent the opponent from jumping,The move forward is all.But first,This requires the referee to decide,If the referee says that this action is not a serious pull,Then there is no need for VAR to intervene.So it is: if the referee makes a decision,can,No judgment,no problem.”

Iturralde also stated:“In contrast,At the end of the first half, Langley elbow Ramos should be awarded a penalty.I mean more should be sentenced,Because Ramos was fighting for a spot at the time,Langley directly pushed him down.But still that sentence,This action is still‘Referee decision‘Within the category.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)