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武汉学生茶vx:Li Nan: The team is very united and victory makes the players more confident

Li Nan: The team is very united and victory makes the players more confident
Original title: Li Nan: The team is united and victory makes the players more confident

  Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang, October 28 (Reporters Su Bin, Xia Liang) CBA Jiangsu coach Li Nan said on the 28th after the team had a thrilling first win of the season,Although I have been losing before,But everyone was very united,This is more important to the team.Victory can make players more confident in offense,A lot can be learned in defense.

  The Qingdao team, which had four consecutive victories before, encountered the four-game losing streak Jiangsu team.The progress of the game was not as great as the results of the two teams showed.After the two sides drew several times and took the lead alternately,The Jiangsu team held an 8-point advantage into the last two minutes.After that,Adams and Zhang Chengyu’s two swords combined,The Qingdao team evened the difference in one fell swoop.

  The final moments of the game are quite dramatic,Wu Guanxi of the Jiangsu team made two free throws.The Qingdao team saw a chance to kill.Adams’ attack failed,And teammates fouled when scrambling for rebounds.But the Jiangsu team was convicted of a technical foul because the bench players entered the game early to celebrate.Adams’ free throw tied the score.Since then, Jiangsu team rookie Zheng Qilong made two free throws.Only 0 left.The Qingdao team with an offensive time of 4 seconds is unable to recover.Eat the first defeat of the season.

  Li Nan said,Before the game, he hoped that the team members would remove their burdens.Learn more about the good things about your opponent.”The requirement for the team members is to work hard,Solve the recent shortcomings,Everyone handled it well.Although the team has been losing,But everyone was very united,This is more important to the team.”

  ”When preparing for the game,The team always prepares in the same way as they win,We can’t give up because our opponent is too much stronger than us.”Li Nan said.What he instills in his players is that regardless of whether the opponent is strong or weak,Must be yourself first,Only have a chance to win.

  ”We have to put in 120% of our efforts to win.In addition to the many young players in the team,Foreign aid from various teams also arrived one after another.We are also under pressure.This victory can make players more confident in offense,Learned a lot in defense.”Li Nan said.

  Wu Qinglong, the head coach of the Qingdao team, believes thatThe team did not do a good job in defending opponents’ three-pointers and free throws.I didn’t prepare enough at the beginning,The defense was not in place in the first quarter.