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武汉喝茶外卖上门:Huining, Gansu: Army organs in the war zone assisted poverty-stricken villages for four years

Huining, Gansu: Army organs in the war zone assisted poverty-stricken villages for four years

In 2020,It is the final year of a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty.Since the formation of the Western Theater Army,This continued the fight against poverty in the deeply impoverished areas in the west.In central Gansu, at the southern end of Baiyin,Huining County, an old revolutionary district with deep mountains and deep valleys, drought and water shortage,The precise poverty alleviation steps of the army organs in the theater of operations have covered the ridges and gullies of impoverished villages.

Since August 2016,According to the theater army’s political work department and the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Promote love for the party and the country; help strengthen the organizationPromote harmony and stability; help industry,Promote increase in production and income; help solve problems,Promote people’s livelihood improvement; assist education,Promote intelligence to alleviate poverty; help build ecology,The overall idea of “six gangs and six promotion” to promote green and benefit the people,The counterpart aid association, Dujia Dawan Village, Zhaijiasuo Town, Ning County,Over 4 years,They invested more than 4.2 million yuan,More than 4 million yuan for coordination,More than 40 construction aid projects have been implemented, including cattle and sheep breeding, tap water access to households, leveling of terraces, renovation of dilapidated houses, road hardening and greening and lighting, and education and education assistance.In 2019,Duwan Village achieved poverty alleviation in the whole village,As one of the four “Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Villages” of the Army in the theater,Received unanimous praise from the poverty alleviation inspection teams at all levels.

Help with organization,Build a strong first-line fortress

2019 Spring Festival,Army leaders of the theater visited and condolences the villagers

Carry out joint branch construction,Build demonstration sites for party building,Preach the party’s innovative theory. At the beginning of the counterparty poverty alleviation work,The Office of the Political Work Department of the Army’s War Zone teamed up with the Duwan Village Party Branch.Vigorously carry out “mutual learning, mutual help and mutual promotion” activities.

They regularly carry out joint construction activities with the village party branch,Hold a branch meeting,Explore ways to integrate the development of poverty alleviation through party building and industry; invest tens of thousands of yuan,Helped to repair the 5 village-level function rooms of the Party Member Activity Room, the Village Party Branch, the Village Committee, the Village Supervision Committee, and the Village Agency Office;”Military and civilian work hand in hand to a well-off” preaching manual,Go to the masses to preach Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era.

Theory armed to unite people’s support,Collectively tackle key problems and become rich,The branch takes the lead,The cohesion and combat effectiveness of the villagers to get rid of poverty and get rich is constantly increasing.

In 2019,Study the poverty alleviation situation of villagers together with cadres at the county, township and village levels

Help with construction,Create beautiful countryside

Drive to Duwan Village,Everyone has a deep feeling,Although the mountain road is still winding,But the road to the village and household is getting better and better.The appearance of the village is becoming more and more tidy.

Duwan Village

Since counterpart assistance,They regard strengthening infrastructure construction and improving village appearance as an important part of supporting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and helping to fight poverty.Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars,Help Duwan Village rebuild 300 acres of terraced fields,Build centralized water supply houses to promote tap water into households and kitchens,Dozens of hardened roads and drainage systems were repaired,Planting nearly 10,000 seedlings,Donated dozens of sets of fitness equipment.

“My new house was built by the army with financial support.Moving into a new home not only improves living conditions,The whole person is more energetic than before.”At the entrance of a clean and tidy farmhouse,The villagers said gratefully.

Help the industry,Broaden the road to wealth

The villagers got rid of poverty and became rich,Industry is the backbone.4 years,Army agencies in theaters and local governments jointly inspect and negotiate,Help Duwan Village to select the right projects and determine measures,Plan and develop wealth-making industries according to local conditions.

Newly built cowshed for poor households

In view of the fact that Duwan Village has a deep mountain ditch, serious water shortage, and limited industrial development,They help integrate the existing farmers’ professional cooperatives and large farmers’ resources,Promote the development of the two major industries of breeding and planting.

Concentrated cultivation of black film potatoes

They have invested several million yuan in coordination funds,Helped Duwan Village to build a 300-square-meter standardized forage processing workshop; built more than 50 standardized cattle and sheep breeding houses for poor households,Increased the breeding of nearly 500 cattle and sheep; injected the party-mass mutual aid fund,Promote the pilot planting of lilies; adopt the model of “help + village collective + farmers”,Helped Dujia Dawan plant more than 700 mu of black film potatoesAnd buy tractors, rotary tillers, harvesters and other agricultural machinery for the villagers.

Leaders of the Political Work Department and government officials help villagers pick potatoes

Between fields,The black film potatoes grown in slices form a scale,The characteristic lily planting industry accelerates the development,The purchase of aided mechanized harvesters has further improved the villagers’ farming efficiency.

In 2020,The per capita net income of Duwan Village increased from 4,514 yuan in 2016 to 7,324 yuan.A year-on-year increase of 62.25%; the per capita net income of poor households with registered cards increased from 3,675 yuan in 2016 to 6,877 yuan,A year-on-year increase of 87.13%.

Donated potato harvester

Helping culture and education,Promote the intellectual support project

Not long ago,As the college entrance examination is released,The army organs of the war zone came to Duwan Village again,Grant scholarships to outstanding students who are admitted to the university,To express encouragement and congratulations to their efforts and achievements.

Scholarships are issued to students admitted to the college entrance examination every year

Since their counterparts helped Duwan Village,They insisted on advancing the intellectual support project,Continue to promote education and cultural education,Invested hundreds of thousands of yuan,Purchase computer graphics, desks and chairs and other teaching materials,Help improve the teaching conditions of Zhaijiasuo Town Central Primary School; set up college entrance examination grants,To cheer for the poor students in the village to get out of the mountain village.

They also vigorously carry out cultural performances into the countryside,Organize red movie screenings,Arrange for the cultural service team to perform with fellow villagers,Inviting the Ningqin Opera Troupe to enter the countryside,Using programs that the villagers love to hear,Constantly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

Help out the difficulties,Sow fish and water affectionate

Every important festival and busy farming season,Army agencies in the theater will visit Duwan Village, Zhaijiasuo Town, who is helping their counterparts, to visit and sympathize with “old relatives.”

Measure blood pressure for folks

In front of the village clinic,The villagers who came for the consultation always lined up every time.The medical staff participating in the rounds are always patient to diagnose their illnesses and distribute medicines.The villagers were also constantly told to return to the clinic and take medicine on time.


The countryside is getting more beautiful

In the homes of poor folks,There will always be “relatives” wearing military uniforms during the holidays.They sat down on the kang head of the villagers with condolences,Ask about the current situation,Talk homely,Keep their practical difficulties in mind,Implemented into various measures for targeted poverty alleviation.

now,With the joint efforts of the military and local governments,The countryside is more and more beautiful,The villagers’ days have also become more prosperous,The children of soldiers were happy in their eyes.(Photographic report: Hao Shuai Bamboo stand)