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武汉喝茶服务:Sports: Suning’s bonus credited to the account in September before the game, and the cardiotonic,Oshuai bet on the first half

Sports: Suning’s bonus credited to the account in September before the game, and the cardiotonic,Oshuai bet on the first half

On October 25th, in the previous Chinese Super League,Jiangsu Suning eliminated Chongqing Modern,Promoted to the semi-finals of the Chinese Super League Championship.According to the “Sports Weekly” report,The club awarded the last few winning prizes at the end of September the day before the game.Inject a full heart boost into the team.

“Sports Weekly” wrote: against Chongqing,The Suning team not only continued the previous style of dominant pass control,Also defeated opponents defensively.“We are facing Zhang Wailong,He is a famous Korean coach,But in this scene,The team defeated this Korean with the spirit of Korean football.”After the game,A Suning team member smiled and told reporters.

At the pre-match preparation meeting,Olaruoyu made a passionate mobilization,“We prepared for so many days,Working hard for so long,Just to play this game well.Go all out,Take down the Chongqing team!”At the level of specific tactical requirements,He gave new instructions: high pressure!On the strength!Get up!and,It is to be done in the midfield.“We have to start from the midfield and the frontcourt,It is necessary to cut off the organization and passing of the Chongqing team.The four foreign players in the frontcourt are indeed outstanding.But if it can be in the opponent’s half,Can disintegrate their passing route,It is equal to half of the success.”

This bold change at the tactical level,It was a great success.Caldek, who was very jealous of the Suning team,Because it can hardly receive the pass,There was not a single shot in this game.His personal touches are only 23 times,Far less than 41 times in the first round.As for the other 3 foreign aids,The number of touches made by Fernandinho, Marcinho and Sirino in the first game,46 times, 37 times and 55 times respectively,But in the second round,Only 39 times, 28 times and 34 times respectively,The data all fell.Similarly, the Chongqing team played the whole game,Only get 1 corner kick,It still happened in stoppage time in the second half.

And the day before the game,The club awards the last few wins at the end of September,It is also a heart-to-heart medicine.Because of the long holiday,These bonuses,It was officially distributed before the game.Originally, the coaching staff emphasized fighting spirit and spirit in this game.When formulating tactics,Also pays much attention to the high pressure in the front court.There can be bonuses before the game, Invisibly activated the players’ desire to fight.As a result, they all arrived on the court,It’s like holding a kitchen knife and swearing to death,Completely suppress the momentum of the Chongqing team.

but,This kind of full court high pressure strategy is very physical.Actually,Suning team in the last 5 minutes of the first half,And the first half of the second half,There was a brief loss of physical fitness.But at the critical moment,A red card from Jiang Zhe directly helped them.“I really appreciate Jiang Zhe,Otherwise, once the physical strength can’t keep up,If it gets equalized again,I am afraid that Ji Xiang, who has just recovered from his injury, will be sent.”In the Suning team’s bench list,There are not too many offensive fighters to act as a killer,Ji Xiang soon recovered from his injury,Huang Zichang stayed away from battle for a long time.From this perspective,Olaruoyu was preparing for the meeting before the game,Require high pressure and strength on midfieldersIt’s also a gamble to get a good start,“The bet is that our team can score first and score early,Fortunately,The head coach made a right bet this time!”A player said with emotion after the game.

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