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:National football refund brother: fans don’t care about ticket prices,It’s whether you have played a true level

National football “refund brother”: fans don’t care about ticket prices,It’s whether you have played a true level

October 14th News Country Football Fans“Refund brother”When interacting with JRs today,Recalling the mood of that famous scene,And said that he will unswervingly follow the Chinese team.

Q: Are you still paying attention to the national football team?

A: Always paying attention!

Q: Refund brother,Can you reproduce what you thought at the time?

A: The situation at that time was very special.Since there was no ticket purchased in advance for that game,The tickets to the scene have already been sold out,It’s a scalper ticket bought at a high price.

Reply to everyone,No refund is successful,At that time, there were no scalpers selling tickets.

Q: Is there any trouble in life after this movie became popular?

A: During the time I just came back,Not daring to go online,There are comments on the Internet,I still have some troubles in my life.


Q: Hahaha,To be honest,Later, let’s see how much money was spent on the national football game

A: I don’t remember how much money,I have watched many national football matches,In fact, I went to Guangzhou to watch the Evergrande AFC Champions League final in 2013.Tickets for that game are much more expensive than this one.The fans really don’t care about the price of the tickets.It’s whether there is a real level.

Q: What would you call if the national football team entered the World Cup one day?

A: I don’t know,It’s so much that everything is in that scene,Feelings can be expressed,Now I don’t know it really happened,What will happen to myself.


Q: Do you still watch the national football team?

A: Yes,May go to Suzhou to watch the Chinese Super Finals in November,Next year’s World Cup qualifiers home games should also go.

Q: What do you think about the naturalization of the national football team?

A: For me personally,I am not against naturalization,Put on the Chinese team jersey,Willing to play for the Chinese team,I support it all.High level of naturalization,For the current Chinese team,It definitely helps.

(Edit: Yao Fan)