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武汉喝茶服务:New Orleans changes to host the Super Bowl in 2025

New Orleans changes to host the Super Bowl in 2025

Wednesday, US time,According to NFL Network reporters,The NFL will move the New Orleans Super Bowl from 2024 to 2025.

Since the beginning of next season,The regular season will become 17 games,The Super Bowl was delayed by one week.When will the Super Bowl be held in 2024 (2.13) Will conflict with the local Mardi Gras in New Orleans.There will be no such problem in 2025,The carnival time of that year was 3.4.

The venue for the 2024 Super Bowl needs to be re-decided.Las Vegas cancelled the 2020 draft due to the new crown epidemic,But their brand new stadium is perfect for hosting grand events.

The 2021 Super Bowl will be held in Tampa Bay,The locations for the next two years were California SoFi Stadium,And Arizona State Agricultural Insurance Stadium.

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