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武汉喝茶外卖上门:Premier League official: The Premier League and the FA have all passed the PBP proposal,Proposal will be repealed

Premier League official: The Premier League and the FA have all passed the PBP proposal,Proposal will be repealed

On October 15th, Premier League officials subsequently issued an official statement,The results of the meeting were announced.They said: The 20 Premier League clubs unanimously rejected the Project Big Picture (PBP) proposal.This proposal will no longer be publicly supported or implemented by the Premier League or the FA.

In addition,The shareholders of the Premier League agree that the Premier League is a group of 20 clubs.Will cooperate on the strategic plan for the future structure and financing of English football,Negotiate with all stakeholders,To ensure that this will be a vibrant, competitive and sustainable English football pyramid.

Open and transparent cooperation

The clubs will cooperate in an open and transparent manner,Focus on the structure, schedule, management and financial sustainability of the competition.This project has the full support of the FA,And will negotiate with all relevant stakeholders,Including fans, government,And EFL.

Aid Program for League One and League Two

In addition,In today’s meeting,The parties agreed to provide a rescue plan,To ensure that the League One and League Two clubs will not go bankrupt due to the financial impact of the new crown epidemic,And be able to complete all competitions in the 2020/21 season without any obstacles.The League One and League Two clubs are more dependent on match day income.There are also fewer resources available than Premier League clubs.Especially when the fans cannot watch the game,The risk will be greater.This sum will include interest-free loans and assistance totalling 50 million pounds.And this year’s League One and League Two have received a grant of 27.2 million pounds,So the total is 77.2 million pounds.

Discussion on the financial situation of the English Champions League

The Premier League and the EFL will continue to negotiate on the financial situation of the Premier League clubs.To understand what the clubs need,This also resolves the government’s concerns about the financial vulnerability of low-level league clubs.

No fans,Football becomes completely different; without fans,The economy of the football world becomes unsustainable,Therefore, the Premier League and all of our clubs are still committed to getting fans back to the stadium safely as soon as possible.

According to previous reports,The PBP proposal is jointly promoted by Manchester United and Liverpool and EFL Chairman Parry.As far as the current situation is concerned,This proposal is dead,And assistance for the lower-level leagues will come soon.

(Edit: Yao Fan)